D'Sozo Camp in brief

D'Sozo Camp is a family-friendly youth camp with a unique focus of community service and canvassing. It runs for one week, and is fully catered with accommodation provided. Attendees under the age of 18 are supervised by Youth Leaders.

Does camp include music production?

Yes! For the Western Australian camp, we will be aiming to produce one music video as well as spending time in communities doing community service projects and Literature Evangelism.

What happens at camp?

Lots! The average day starts with morning devotions and showers, unit sharing, breakfast, an exercise & marching routine, lodging cleanup and Deep Bible Study.

Following that will be LE training, and music practice.

The rest of the day until late afternoon is spent in community service projects and LE work.

In the evening, everybody gathers together for campfire time, where we share a devotional talk, sing songs, do scripture memory together and hand out camp mail.

The day finishes with evening unit sharing, and a trumpet call at 9pm sharp.

Who can come?

D'Sozo Camp is a family-friendly youth camp. We'd love to see the whole family involved in helping others! Whilst the activities aren't especially targeted for the younger ones (below 12), they are welcome to participate, providing they are supervised by their parents. We encourage parental supervision where possible

What does D'Sozo mean?

Sozo is the root word used in the New Testament to describe both physical healing and spiritual salvation. The 'D' is added partly for decoration, partly to infer 'of'. So D'Sozo is anything pertaining to both of these elements.

It is our desire that people experience both physical & spiritual healing.

What is Christian help-work?

Christian help-work is very simple. It means visiting people in the community, and helping them in any way possible. It can include anything from just being a listening ear, to using natural remedies to relieve sickness, mowing lawns, weeding gardens or cooking a home-made meal for a stressed mum or elderly person.

Christian help-work is helping people, with no catch, no ulterior motive or self-interest, only a sincere desire to help.

One group will be focused on this work, and be involved in working bees or other community projects.

What about canvassing / literature evangelism?

A second group will be focused on leaving health and Christian books with people on a donation basis. Any needs found while canvassing, can be passed on to the help-work team for follow-up.

Canvassing will be done 'maga-book' style. Which has proven successful in Australia, as well as America (where it has been going for many years).

Structure of camp

D'Sozo Camp is a family-friendly youth camp. Youth will be organised into units with youth leaders, throughout camp. Youth leaders help the younger ones with personal devotions and unit sharing time. They encourage timeliness and adherence to camp rules, and help the youth gain spiritual blessings from camp.

Youth 12+ can attend camp without their parents, and will be under the charge of their youth leaders.

We do encourage families to attend camp together, where possible. If parents attend, their children will be accommodated with them at night (instead of rooming with the unit), and be assigned to a unit during the day.

If parents aren't in attendance, youth will be accommodated with their unit, and youth leaders.

All family members are encouraged to participate in camp activities.


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