D'Sozo WA Testimonies



While I was at D'Sozo camp I was drawn closer to God. During the deep Bible study, the campfire times we spent together and  daily devotions with my roommates, I learnt so many things about God that I had never considered before but were very uplifting once pointed out. I felt like I was doing God's work when we went canvassing and helping people with their yards. I can sum up my whole camp experience in just a few words - being drawn closer to God. - Rabecca



D'sozo camp was a real blessing to me. It was great growing closer to Jesus by doing various things throughout the day. Canvassing was definatley one of my highlights it was interesting hearing about other people's experiences as we went from door to door. This camp has definitely changed my life and I would recommend for others to also attend this camp. - Nobuntu

I was a bit unsure of what to expect when I came to camp. But after I settled in, I loved it. The schedule was tight so I had to rush to keep up and not get push-ups, but I managed it. I made new friends and enjoyed the food and the deep bible study. Canvassing was scary but I found I liked it, once I got started. The highlight for me was the making of the music video. I am inspired to read my bible more. - Emily

The thing that most deeply impressed me about Camp was the consecration of the leaders and counsellors to Christ and His teachings.  The impact they had on the children (and parents for that matter!) cannot be underestimated.  For the first time, I could see what was possible when an "army of youth rightly trained" was put to work for the cause of Christ. - Mrs Laing



It has been almost 2 weeks since D'Sozo WA finished and I wish we were still there! This is the type of program our young people need to inspire, uplift and encourage them into a deeper experience with God.  I know that the parent helpers at camp were blessed just as much as the campers.  What a thrill to see our children mentored by Godly young people who demonstrated first-hand a living, personal connection with Jesus.  Thankyou D'Sozo team for challenging us to 'Give of our best to our Master' and realizing the joy that is found in serving Him. - Mrs Hollingsworth

D'Sozo WA was such an amazing blessing! I participated as a counsellor in the hope to help and bless the youth, but the truth is I was reinvigorated and blessed!  It was encouraging to see the youth participate and enjoy the door-to-door canvassing work as well as the help work. The whole experience was quite different to what most of the youth had experienced before, but they thrived in all aspects of the camp! D'Sozo was a blessing to be part of and a blessing to the WA conference! Next year hopefully more parents/youth will decide to attend and be blessed by being part of fulfilling Isaiah 58 and the Third Angels Message through this camp. - Paul

The D'Sozo WA camp was incredible! It was so heart warming to see youth grow in their relationship with Jesus and with His help take our message door-to-door through canvassing and practical help band work. The youth really loved being able to 'do something' with their faith and seeing as all of them said that not only would they come back next year but they would love to bring their friends, I think we can count it a success! What an inspiring time together! - Mrs Jones


When I first came to camp I was a bit unsure what it was going to be like. But after getting to know a few people and my group on the first day I already knew I was really going to like it. I think camp had help me know God better and I thought it was really nice to go canvassing and to do help bands. Not only that I saw the books go to a good home but the people that we helped where really happy. And just seeing their smiles filled my heart with joy. I had an amazing week and hoping there will be another D'Sozo camp in W.A . I made so many memories at the camp of the wonderful people and the experience. - Paris

I was very nervous when I arrived at camp but I settled in okay because I knew most of the boys in my unit. I enjoyed the Help Bands best, but enjoyed the small effort of learning my canvass for canvassing. I also enjoyed Deep Bible Study with the illustration of the germination of the seed. The food was great!!! D'sozo camp has been a great blessing in my life. I hope to see more kids at D'Sozo WA 2017. - Caleb

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